What is Map of the Money?

Map of the Money displays active investors in Singapore to help entrepreneurs to navigate the funding landscape. And soon, the active investors in Southeast Asia.

Read about it on Arnaud Bonzom's site and Florian Cornu's Medium.

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You are an angel, accelerator, VC, PE Firm or an active investor, and you would like to update your data, please reach out to us: click here.

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Accuracy of Data

We contacted all investors listed on the Map with the goal of ensure high quality data: we want to ensure only active investors are listed. Based on the confirmation, we have the different statuses:

  • Verified:We received detailed stats about recent investments, allowing us to calculate the percentile of investment sizes.
  • Declared:While we did not receive enough details to calculate percentiles, we received declared data.
  • Estimated:When we did not receive direct data from the investor.


The structure under which an investor operates impacts their decision process and interaction with entrepreneurs. We use the following definition:

  • Angel:Acting as a sole individual, usually on a part time basis
  • Super Angel:Full time Angel. The most active ones sometimes have a team to support them
  • Accelerator:Program structured to prepare startups to raise their Seed round
  • Corporate Accelerator:Accelerator runs by one or several corporates
  • Accelerator:Program structured to prepare startups for further fund raising
  • Venture Capital (VC):Professional investors who are investing money raised from LPs (Limited Partners). The fund is usually deployed in 3-4 years and has an overall lifetime of 10 years which after it needs to return money to such LPs.
  • Corporate VC:The fund is backed by one corporate investing sometimes directly from their balance sheet
  • Government VC:The fund is backed by a government entity
  • Venture Debt:Loans available for startups
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV):Legal entity created with an unique pool of investors for a specific round of investment
  • PE:Private Equity firms aim to take control of companies and usually enter at growth stage
  • Family Office:While the money comes from an Ultra High Net Worth Individual (or group of). Family offices have professional managers in place

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Who are the authors?

The Map of the Money is brought to you by Arnaud Bonzom & Florian Cornu.
Inspired by previous Meng Wong Weng's Map of the Money.

Any other projects by Florian and Arnaud?

Indeed, we are both involved in several projects in addition to our full-time jobs.

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